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Why We Love Lethbridge

Did you know that Lethbridge is ranked ninth most entrepreneurial city in Canada? Or that in 2012, was voted one of the 25 Best Communities for Business in Western Canada?
Not only that, it is one of the top 10 Canadian cities for the highest number of hot and sunny days year round!!
Lethbridge’s steady sustainable growth speaks to the economic strength we have thanks to the industry diversity in our region. The traditional agriculture and manufacturing sectors are complemented by new and emerging sectors like renewable energy and high-tech, adding strength and vitality to our business landscape.

The city of nearly 90,000 is bisected by the Oldman River, creating valley parkland with scenic coulees and miles of running and hiking trails. You'll also find many lifestyle advantages including short commute times, a lower cost of living, and the largest number of green certified homes per capita in Canada!